September 28th City Council meeting: What's on the agenda?

Updated 9/28/17: Blue Ash City Council will be meeting Thursday, September 28th at 7 p.m. inside Council Chambers.

Note: Per the applicant's request, the Neighborhoods at Summit Park items (preliminary subdivision, mixed-use building, and senior living facility have been removed from the agenda).

Electronic signage: Blue Ash City Council will discuss amending the Zoning Code to allow electronic signs to change messages more frequently. Current Zoning Code bans electronic signs to change more than once per hour. The proposed amendment would allow electronic signs to change as often as every ten seconds. There will be a public hearing for this proposed change but it will not be voted on during this meeting.

The Blue Ash City Council meeting will be held at the Blue Ash Municipal & Safety Center at 4343 Cooper Road. The public is welcome. To see the full agenda, click here.