Persons receiving a payout ticket issued by a Blue Ash Police Officer may pay 24 hours a day by submitting payment through the Blue Ash Mayor’s Court and the Blue Ash Police Department. Methods of payment are:  cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. We accept Visa and MasterCard over the phone at 513-745-8584. The amount written on the back of your ticket or on the “Notice to Defendant” is the payout amount.  A court appearance may result in a higher fine. Payout amounts are due by 1:00 pm on your court date. If you are not paying out, then you must appear in court. Doing neither will result in a warrant, a driver’s license forfeiture and a vehicle registration block.    

If the citation is a “must appear in court” ticket, it will be checked as such on your ticket. 

Please be sure to check the upper left-hand corner of the ticket to see which court you have been cited. Hamilton County Municipal Court’s phone number is (traffic) 513-946-6041 and (criminal) 513-946-6040. 

One continuance is allowed, but not for lack of money. The court must be contacted before the court day. We do not grant continuances the day of court. To request a continuance, call 513-745-8584 or come to the Mayor Court window before the court day. A continuance form must be signed and turned in no later than 10 a.m. on the court day being missed. The case will be continued until the next court date.

We do not grant continuances for lack of money. If the ticket cannot be paid in full before the court date, a court appearance is required. In court, inform the Mayor as to the lack of money and he will grant one continuance. The ticket must be paid in full before that new court date or a court appearance is required. At that court date, the $50 minimum payment is expected, and the stay to pay payment plan is initiated. Under the stay to pay payment plan, the $50 minimum payments must be made in court, unless the balance is being paid in full. 

You can see a pamphlet regarding the operation of Blue Ash Mayor’s Court by clicking below. If you need additional information, please call Blue Ash Mayor’s Court at 513-745-8554. 

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