If you plan to undertake land or building development, or both, please read the following information carefully. Before seeking any of these permits, you must ensure that you have or can obtain all appropriate zoning approvals. Almost all development work will require one or more of the following approvals before beginning any work.

Not all permits in Blue Ash are issued by the City. Please consult with these other jurisdictions at the beginning of your project planning process. 


A Permit is required prior to any regulated construction to ensure compliance with current Code. The City of Blue Ash adopts OBC, the Ohio Building Code, by reference for all commercial construction. A Building Permit application automatically includes review of other applicable Blue Ash Codes, including zoning and fire safety. All non-residential plans must be sealed by an Ohio Registered Design Professional; any plans submitted without a seal will be rejected without being reviewed. "Do I Need a Permit?" describes types of work that require Building and Zoning Permits. If your project involves potential fire or chemical hazards, you should also contact the Blue Ash Fire Department at 513-745-8533 to inquire about additional permit requirements. 

Click on link for current application:

     2017 Building / Electrical / Zoning / Sign Permit Application (Page 2 is info only - no need to print)

                2017 Application as a Form Fill-In

     2017 Subsequent Submittal Form (Revisions/Corrections) - If available, print on blue paper

                2017 Subsequent Submittal Form as a Form Fill-in
     SFR Site Plan Requirements - REVISED July 2016

     Garage Sale Permit Application

NOTE:  Depending on the type of project, it could take approximately 10-15 business days to receive a permit.  Also, a deposit fee is required with all submittals.  Please contact Community Development at
513-745-8520 for the amount due with the submittal based upon type of permit.

Sign Permits

The following form needs to be included with the 2016 Building Permit Application (above) for all sign submittals:

     SIGN INFORMATION form required with permit submittal

Demolition Permits

A Demolition Permit is required prior to demolition of any existing structures. The requirement helps to ensure that all matters relating to utilities, taxes, and public safety are properly resolved. 

     2017 Demolition Permit Application

Site Work Permits

A Site Work Permit is required prior to undertaking site clearing, cut and fill, or grading on a site, whether or not it is in preparation for construction. Generally, all non-residential projects and all multifamily residential projects will require the approval of the City Engineer. If a site work review is required for small projects that are submitted for a Building Permit, then a separate Site Work Permit may not be required; please call in advance to determine the requirements for your project.

     Site Work Permit Application 

Zoning Approvals

All permit applications that are submitted to the City of Blue Ash will be reviewed for compliance with Zoning Code regulations. Most approvals are administrative; however, all new non-residential buildings, large additions, changes to developments that were originally approved by a Board, Commission, or Council, construction that does not meet the Zoning Code requirements, and developments in the Downtown district are subject to other approval procedures. Please review the details if your project falls into one of these categories.

Zoning Approvals Page